About Casa-Veda

In a World full of Brands that manufacture harmful beauty products made of toxic and harsh chemicals, Casaveda is the most innovative name indulged in offering 100% Natural and Ayurvedic Products.

Casaveda is a name made by the prime Combination of Ayurveda with modern life. We are devoted to Ayurveda, hence offering premium and beneficial Ayurveda-oriented Beauty products under such affordable prices so that any Individual can take the soothing Experience of using Ayurvedic beauty products. We have been offering our wide and premium range of Ayurvedic Beauty care products from the past many years and since our Establishment, Our products created chaos in the market as people are unknown of the hidden benefits of Ayurveda products, our products gave them the experience of using premium beauty care products.

We are the most trustworthy Ayurveda product manufacturer company recognized widely for its premium and effective range of 100% Natural and Pure Ayurvedic products. We offer a wide range of Ayurvedic products including-Double Side Face Glow Kansa Wand, Large Kansa Wand Body Balance Massage Tool, Medium Kansa Wand Foot Massage Tool, Kansa Facial Beauty Tool, Slim Kansa Marma Wand, T Marma Acupressure Wand, Kansa Spa Collection (Kit of 4 pieces Kansa Wand)

Beauty with Ayurveda

Offering Natural and Beneficial Ayurveda products with a pinch of modern look to provide ease in using the product.

Guaranteed Pure

Proud to say that every product offered under Casaveda Branding is free from harsh or toxic ingredients and 100% Natural.

Completely Cruelty-Free

We have strict policy to manufacture and offer only 100% Natural and Vegan Products.

Ingredient Sourcing

Our Product`s every Ingredient is derieved from 100% Ayurveda and Ancient Indian Herbs.