Foot Care

  • According to a study, feet are the most ignored body part of the human body although they deserved the same amount of care as much as other parts too. Sadly there are very few foot care products in the market that fulfills their promises but now the time has changed as Team Casaveda is here to offer a premium range of Foot care products that are not only beneficial for your feet but also manage to stimulate your blood pressure, keeps it under control.

    Casaveda is the name indulged in offering beneficial and effective Foot care Products. We offer premium quality Foot Care Products that provide immense pleasure and care to your feet. We offer a wide range of exclusive Foot care Products. Our Products are made up of natural Ayurveda ingredients such as Kansa and Copper along with ancient techniques of healing.

    Our range of Foot Care products includes Casaveda Kansa Detox Scrub Vatki, Casaveda Kansa Detox Smooth Vatki, Casaveda Medium Kansa Wand Foot Massage Tool, Casaveda Hand Grip Kansa Detox Scrub Vatki and many more.