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Casa Veda

Casaveda B Shape Pure Copper Face Therapy Guasha

Casaveda B Shape Pure Copper Face Therapy Guasha

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Casaveda - B shape Copper Gua Sha is a face massaging tool that is made of 100% Pure Copper Metal. It enhances blood circulation & Forms collagen which helps in developing bones and tissues.

L- 10 cm, W- 7 cm



More Information:
Dimensions: L- 10 cm, W- 7 cm
Weight: 200 gm
Manufactured by: Medieval Edge
Country of Origin: India

How to use:
• Step 1: Move the gua sha from the bridge area towards your hairline.
• Step 2: Move from the under-eye area towards the temple of your forehead.
• Step 3: Move from cheekbones towards the ears.
• Step 4: Move from chin area towards earlobe.
• Step 5: Starting from your collar bones, move towards the chin area

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